If drapes are too fussy and blinds are too cold, roman shades offer a classy alternative that warm up windows, while providing privacy. In their most basic form, roman shades are just fabric window covering panels that can be raised or lowered with the help of a cord system and rings sewn onto the back of the fabric. When raised, the fabric stacks in evenly sized horizontal folds. But, how you can choose the perfect style of Roman Shades for your abode?

  • While similar in appearance to their constructed sisters, unconstructed flat roman shades are even more simple. Made with a single piece of fabric that hangs flat over a window, unconstructed romans have no back bars or additional panels.
  • Flat roman shades create a clean, modern and unfussy look that coordinates well with several styles, from modern loft to more frilly traditional, especially when embellished or paired with drapes for additional privacy and decoration.
  • With their highly decorative look, balloon roman shades complement traditional home decor beautifully, but are not ideal for everyday use and should be outside mounted.
  • Austrian-style roman shades are by far the most formal and traditional, delineated by several vertical and horizontal rows of ruched gathers and scalloping along the bottom. Due to the gathers and scalloping, an Austrian shade requires more than double the amount of fabric than typical flat romans, making them a more expensive choice.
  • Stationary shades, or faux romans, give the illusion of roman shades without the added expense of yardage or operating mechanisms.