1. Innovations in materials and energy efficiency that lend practicality and a modern aesthetic. Ambience sheers that offer a choice of room-darkening and light-filtering liners are making a big comeback as people rediscover their virtuous simplicity and versatility.
  2. Motorized window treatments for both interior and exterior use are a must-have in today’s smart homes.
  3. As time-saving automation becomes more common via fingerprint door locks, Nest thermostats and programmable light switches, a new wave of tech solutions are researching ever more innovative ways to coordinate your whole-house across multiple platforms and providers.
  4. Panels hung by grommets enjoy wide appeal. With the right tools, they’re relatively easy to construct and even easier to hang. Since they aren’t typically as full as most other drapery styles, they take less fabric, which increases their affordability.
  5. Flat panels are another kind of drapery that suits a preference for today’s popular bohemian style. They’re the least full of all window treatments and can be hung by inexpensive clip rings.
  6. Although the fabric choice as much as the treatment style determines whether your valance will look updated or just “dated,” pairing a current pattern with a relatively flat, straight silhouette generally completes the mission.