Indoors, or out, sun exposure and heat damage to your furniture is detrimental and usually can be irreversible. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to maintain your furniture as good as new!

If you have leather pieces, remember that too much sunlight can lead to color fading and drying. Prevent the damage by cleaning and conditioning every 6 months, as well as keeping your leather furniture out of direct sunlight, especially during warmer months.

Very few fabrics have built in repellents or protection, but fabrics blended with acrylic, polyester, and nylon are generally less likely to fade. High end fabrics such as linen and silk are notorious for fading quickly. Also dark colors will fade much quickly than lighter ones.

The UV rays are one of the most destructive elements to wood furniture, causing it to fade, which is often irreversible. Water damage can also get the best of wood, causing it to rot. Raw wood always requires some type of coating. Ultraviolet rays cause some wood species to darken (like cherry & maple) or bleach out (American walnut).

Use window treatments, like airy drapes, uv-blocking shades, and a wide variety of blinds, to prevent damaging your beloved furniture.

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