Dusting vertical blinds regularly, as you do the rest of your home, will keep them cleaner longer. Use a duster that lifts the dust right off the blinds rather than on that moves it around, such as a rag.

  1. Use a dusting detergent spray or enzyme spray on the slats to loosen dust.
  2. Starting at the top, run the duster down to the bottom. Repeat for each slat.
  3. Replace the duster and/or apply additional spray as needed.
  4. If the blinds are especially dirty, it may be helpful to vacuum them first and/or follow the disting with a good washing using the steps above.

If you want to wash them, fill one bucket with warm water and add a small amount of mild soap or detergent. If you are unsure about the color fastness of your blinds, test a small area first. Fill a second bucket with clean, cool water. This will be the rinse water.

Dip a Vertical Blind cleaning tool in the soapy water. Allow the sponges to become saturated. Starting at the top of your blinds, Place the blinds slat between the two sides of the cleaning tool and press it together. Slide it down to the bottom.

Clean the sponges in the rinse water and squeeze them out. Dip them in the soapy water and repeat the cleaning. If the blinds are especially dirty, it may take several swipes over each slat to get them completely clean. Change both the soapy water and rinse water as necessary to avoid reapplying the dirt.

Once clean, allow the blinds to air dry completely. They can also be dried with a towel to remove any excess moisture and avoid drip marks. If there are stained areas, treat them with a spot cleaner or stain remover applied to a soft cloth.