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Ideas for Creative Window Treatments

Bedazzled curtain: Add sparkle to your room with a curtain of beads. This simple but dazzling design has just the right extra something to finish bare windows where privacy isn’t needed. You can either purchase this beaded curtain or make your own using fishing line and beads from a notions store.
Tree branch curtain rod: Bring

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The Key to Chic Window Treatments

Here are some tips to make sure your curtain proportions are always appropriate:

Even the simplest treatment needs the correct proportions. Most fabrics come in 54-inch widths. Once that fabric is hemmed and shirred or pleated, you end up with about 18 inches of width, which is just not enough fullness for any but the smallest

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How to Easily Clean Vertical Shades at Home

Clean them with warm, rather than hot water: If you’re cleaning vertical shades in a bathtub, basin, or bucket, you can use your hands to test the temperature of the water. If you decide you do wish to use your washing machine (after checking your shades’ care label states they are machine washable) don’t set

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How to Clean Venetian Shades

Though it may sound like a cliché, ‘little and often’ also holds true if you want consistently clean your Venetian shades. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt from building up, reducing the need for a lengthy deep clean. Follow these simple steps to make things a little easier:

Tie back the curtains and make sure all other

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How to Clean your Shades like a Pro

The best cleaning method for your shades depends mostly on the type of material that they are made of. First of all, carefully read the product cleaning instructions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean them.

To keep your shades tidy, it’s a good idea to vacuum them every few months using minimal suction

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The Best Window Cleaning Tools

Have you checked your windows? When a little bit of sunlight comes our way, you might realise just how long it’s been since you cleaned your windows. Even just a little bit of dirt and dust can have a huge effect on how much light shines through, making it seem like a dark and dismal

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How to Clean your Vertical Blinds

Dusting vertical blinds regularly, as you do the rest of your home, will keep them cleaner longer. Use a duster that lifts the dust right off the blinds rather than on that moves it around, such as a rag.

Use a dusting detergent spray or enzyme spray on the slats to loosen dust.
Starting at the top,

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Some Window Treatments Design Tips

Window treatments should follow the overall design of the room. This doesn’t mean that the curtains match perfectly, but they shouldn’t clash with the decor. Make sure the fabric reflects the other design choices in the room and that the color works with your palette. Home design websites, blogs, and magazines are an excellent source

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Buyer’s Guide for Blinds

If you want tiltable slats that can be adjusted to let the sun shine in, you should choose blinds, because they offer a clean-looking custom fit and plenty of privacy. Prices for blinds generally climb from vinyl, aluminum, faux wood (or textured vinyl) to wood.

Wood blinds come in light and dark hues and polished or

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A Buyer’s Guide to Panel Curtains

To determine the minimum necessary panel length, without including tabs or rings, measure from the floor to just above the window casing. Use this measurement when purchasing panel curtains. After you buy the panels, mount the rod to match the length.

For the best look when a set of curtains is closed, make sure each panel

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