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How to Move towards a Zero-Energy Home

A zero-energy home is one that produces as much energy as it uses. Although going zero energy requires a good deal of effort and planning, it is something that can be accomplished by anyone:

Most low-flow showerheads and faucets aerate water, which means you use less energy heating it. There is often no need to replace

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Window Weather Stripping to Lower Your Heating Bills

All those leaky spots around windows are notoriously big problems in locations with cold winters and humid summers, and they can lead to bigger problems. Even before adding insulation to your house, the most important step in making your house more comfortable is controlling air movement. The principle is pretty simple: plug up the holes

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Useful Concepts you need to know about Drapery Rods and Accessories

“Center support.” To cover any lengthy window span, you need a functional support to hold the bar up against gravity and prevent the drapery rod from bowing.
“Drapery arms.” Very short segments of drapery rods that flank a window (rather than span it) are called drapery arms. They’re often used when the draperies are stationary and

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Low-Cost Ways to Insulate Windows

Weatherstripping and caulking. The first step in getting the most out of your current windows and doors is to plug any air leaks. Caulk inside and outside your window casing and use weatherstripping in the sash.
Heavier curtains. Switching out lighter summer curtains for heavier drapes in the winter is a smart idea.
Cellular shades. Also known

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