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What is the Right Way to Hang Roller Shades?

Over or under? It depends on how you want your shades to look, how much light you want to block and other factors:

The most common option is the standard roll, in which the fabric rolls back, close to the window glass. Having it as close to the glass as possible blocks the most amount of

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Ideas for Contemporary Takes on Classic Window Treatments

Innovations in materials and energy efficiency that lend practicality and a modern aesthetic. Ambience sheers that offer a choice of room-darkening and light-filtering liners are making a big comeback as people rediscover their virtuous simplicity and versatility.
Motorized window treatments for both interior and exterior use are a must-have in today’s smart homes.
As time-saving automation becomes

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Ideas for Creative Window Treatments

Bedazzled curtain: Add sparkle to your room with a curtain of beads. This simple but dazzling design has just the right extra something to finish bare windows where privacy isn’t needed. You can either purchase this beaded curtain or make your own using fishing line and beads from a notions store.
Tree branch curtain rod: Bring

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The Key to Chic Window Treatments

Here are some tips to make sure your curtain proportions are always appropriate:

Even the simplest treatment needs the correct proportions. Most fabrics come in 54-inch widths. Once that fabric is hemmed and shirred or pleated, you end up with about 18 inches of width, which is just not enough fullness for any but the smallest

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