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Some Window Treatments Design Tips

Window treatments should follow the overall design of the room. This doesn’t mean that the curtains match perfectly, but they shouldn’t clash with the decor. Make sure the fabric reflects the other design choices in the room and that the color works with your palette. Home design websites, blogs, and magazines are an excellent source

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Buyer’s Guide for Blinds

If you want tiltable slats that can be adjusted to let the sun shine in, you should choose blinds, because they offer a clean-looking custom fit and plenty of privacy. Prices for blinds generally climb from vinyl, aluminum, faux wood (or textured vinyl) to wood.

Wood blinds come in light and dark hues and polished or

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A Buyer’s Guide to Panel Curtains

To determine the minimum necessary panel length, without including tabs or rings, measure from the floor to just above the window casing. Use this measurement when purchasing panel curtains. After you buy the panels, mount the rod to match the length.

For the best look when a set of curtains is closed, make sure each panel

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